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Built upon a custom project by a leading UK acoustic engineering company, our studios impress with perfection and excellence and exemplify the pinnacle of performance design.


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Love what you hear

A boutique production in the heart of Sofia

Compliant with all global dubbing standards, our acoustic environment is set to meet and exceed the expectations for even the most demanding broadcast audio production



The recording spaces, control rooms, and their technical design are inspired by the idea of having a neutral acoustics condition of an outdoor space, without any disturbing noise from the outside at the same time.

This is achieved by an isolation technique known as “room inside a room” and with a separate floating floor for every studio. The Reverberation Time is perfectly balanced across the whole audio spectrum to the appropriate levels of 0.1 – 0.2 seconds by the use of heavy diaphragmatic absorbers, mass-loaded membranes, broadband absorbers, and carefully placed hybrid diffusers. Thus, natural and undistorted sound reproduction is ensured down to the lowest frequencies.

Special care is also taken to invite natural light from the outside, providing both auditory and visual perceptual cues to create an outstanding holistic experience.



Our studios are of unique architecture, conceptually designed in red, blue, and yellow – the 3 primary colors that represent the foundation of the color spectrum.

When these colors are “mixed”, they create all the other color tones. It is a reference to our work and reflects how we mix basic audio elements to retain creative intent and engage your audience on multiple levels of perception.

This color approach is also applied to express our nature as a company that values holistic, conceptual thinking.



Graffiti Studio has a Trusted Partner Network (TPN) certification for content security – the most credible assessment, granted by The Motion Picture Association.

From biometric server access to fire detection & extinguishing system and facility insurance, we have taken all the precautions to ensure maximum InfoSec.

With security policies in place and audited by some of the largest media companies in the world, you can rest assured your media assets are well protected with us.


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Red Studio

Designed to accommodate 6 voice actors simultaneously, it's an exceptional state-of-art recording and control room space that sets the stage for superior voice acting and recording performance.

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Blue Studio

Inspired by ocean solitude, it's designed for exceptional dubbing. The intimate ambiance prevails over self-restraint to a compelling performance, once the actor remains alone with their voice.

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Yellow Studio

Built with unmatched precision, it's designed to process sound to the tiniest detail. A productivity-oriented concept, centered around functionality and comfort for audio post-production.

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