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Polish subtitling

Subtitling, open and closed captioning services for TV series, movies, films, documentaries, explainer, instructional, training, e-learning, marketing, PR, corporate, product and YouTube videos in Polish. Contact us and make your videos accessible to the Polish audience!

/ Subtitling in Poland

Polish subtitling and captioning services

Capture the hearts and minds of your Polish viewers with a seamless reading experience

Let’s craft a Polish text version of your content to fascinate and engage the local audience! Retaining the original voices will facilitate learning the original language and provide video comprehension in public or noisy environments.

At Graffiti Studio, create Polish subtitles and captions for both hearing viewers and viewers with hearing loss that are technically compliant, but above all, always a pleasure to read.



Graffiti Studio is the company of choice when it comes to Polish subtitling and captioning services due to our unmatched expertise and focus on viewer experience.

Our Clients value a Polish subtitling company that can also be trusted to deliver their projects on time, upon the agreed specifications, and that’s exactly what we do.

We provide subtitle translation by EMT (English Master Template), or transcription and subtitling without templates, on provided scripts, or with no scripts at all.

Working with us, you can rest assured that you will meet your deadlines with sub files on specification, while your Polish audience enjoys a superior viewer experience.




Our subtitling agency employs only native Polish audiovisual translators and subtitlers with a proven track record of professional and subject-matter expertise.

Their role is not to simply translate the dialogue into Polish and comply with the technical requirements, but also to experience the content as viewers in order to convey the authentic experience in Polish language.

Our in-house subtitling specialists utilize cutting-edge subtitling technology to ensure compliance with format specifications and ensure your subtitles are ready to use.




We help make content more accessible to the local audience with Polish closed and open captioning.

While subtitles are meant for hearing audiences and reflect only on-screen dialogue, captions also include audio elements to provide additional context and to improve the experience for viewers with hearing loss.

Polish closed captioning enables the local viewers to turn the captions on and off at their comfort, while Polish open captions are embedded in the video.

We also provide Polish SDH (subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing) that combine both subtitle and caption content into a single file, where the text can be placed anywhere onto the screen to follow the content audio. SDH provides a near-authentic experience to Polish viewers with permanent hearing loss or disabilities.




Thanks to scaling regional coverage, technology, and translator relationships, we provide competitive rates for Polish subtitling at no compromise with quality.

Long-form content Polish subtitling costs are estimated per minute of video, while short-form subtitle translation and development is estimated per project.

Each project is unique, and we approach it individually, considering factors like urgency, complexity, language pairs, work volume, and subject matter to optimize our costs and provide you with our best pricing quote for Polish subtitling and closed captioning services.




While audiovisual translation may often go unnoticed, Poland has its cadre of talented professionals who play a crucial role in bringing foreign content to Polish audiences. Renowned audiovisual translators in Poland include Elżbieta Łukomska, recognized for her adept translation work in popular series like “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad,” ensuring that the essence of these shows resonates with Polish viewers. Another notable figure is Wojciech Chmielarz, celebrated for his meticulous translation of films such as “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Karolina Kowalska, with her expertise in subtitling, has contributed to the accessibility of numerous foreign films, maintaining the nuances of the original dialogue. The contributions of these translators extend beyond mere linguistic conversion; they play a crucial role in preserving the cultural context and humor, ensuring that the audience experiences foreign content authentically. Their work not only facilitates cross-cultural understanding but also enhances the overall viewing experience for Polish audiences, making them indispensable figures in the audiovisual translation landscape in Poland.

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