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Armenian voice over

Voice over services for TV series, films, documentaries, commercials, apps, IVR/ on hold, audiobooks, kiosks, podcasts, interactive, PR, multimedia, explainer, instructional, training, e-learning, tour, tutorial, marketing, corporate, product and YouTube videos in Armenian. Contact us now and add a local voice to your audiovisual content!

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/ Voice over in Armenia

Armenian voice over services

Retain the original language audio of your content while optimizing turnaround time and cost

Let’s retell your fascinating stories in Armenian to spark the imagination of your local audience! Providing a background voice creates a character that improves context and understanding while your viewers might even be away from the screen.

At Graffiti Studio, we narrate the lines that hold your story together in Armenian for a more augmented, superior viewer experience.



Graffiti Studio provides Armenian voice-overs to TV programs, FAST channels, streaming platforms, content distributors, film and video game companies, ad agencies, IPTV, VoD, and OTT services.

We help global content license holders and providers cross language and cultural barriers to reach and build strong relationships with the Armenian audience.

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From an exceptional acoustic environment and state-of-the-art equipment to unmatched sound engineering expertise, we are here to exceed your expectations.

Professional Armenian voice-over directors are also available to supervise the voiceover recording process.

Whether you need Armenian voice-over recording, editing, 2.0 or 5.1 audio mix, we can accommodate your needs for professional Armenian voice-over production.

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We provide Armenian voice talents of different ages, voice characteristics, and content genre experience.

Whether you need Armenian male voice-over actors, female voice actresses, or kid voice talents, our extensive voice-over database provides voice demos and voiceover samples for free casting purposes.

In case you need to go beyond our voice bank and require recording a custom script or a live audition, we can schedule casting sessions at an additional charge.

Both union and non-union Armenian voice artists are available, depending on membership requirements.

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Thanks to scaling up regional languages, our usage of technology, and excellent relationships with in-location professionals, we provide very competitive rates for Armenian voice over at no compromise with quality.

Depending on the content, our Armenian voiceover rates are estimated per minute of video/ finished audio or per unit (file, spot, prompt, script page, batch, project etc.)

Factors like volume, content genre, complexity, and post-production requirements (editing, file cutting and naming, etc.) affect the Armenian voice-over costs, but we are always here to consult you on optimization and provide you with our best Armenian voice-over prices.

Our Armenian voice-over quotes are all-inclusive, and no additional charges are applied during your VO project.




Voice-over in Armenia is an essential brushstroke in the vibrant canvas of the nation’s audiovisual landscape, enriching various media content with a distinctly Armenian touch. This intricate process involves the infusion of Armenian voice tracks, a linguistic metamorphosis that preserves the integrity of the original audio while providing a localized and culturally resonant experience. Skilled voice-over professionals act as linguistic maestros, meticulously crafting not only verbal precision but also infusing the content with nuanced tonality and cultural relevance that resonates authentically with local audiences. Armenia, with its deep historical roots and cultural heritage, recognizes voice-over as a dynamic medium fostering cross-cultural understanding and offering a unique lens through which to engage with global narratives. Evolving with the times, Armenia likely embraces innovative voice-over practices, remaining at the forefront of industry standards to deliver high-quality, culturally imbued content. The demand for expertly curated voice-overs reflects an expanding global perspective among Armenian audiences, showcasing an eagerness for a diverse, inclusive, and uniquely auditory experience. Voice-over in Armenia transcends mere translation; it functions as a cultural narrator, embodying the nation’s openness to a harmonious blend of stories and information from around the world.

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