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Replace the dialogue in your film or commercial at our boutique facility! Join the extensive list of Hollywood studios and leading ad agencies that trust us with celebrity actors for their ADR projects in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Additional Dialogue Replacement

From providing a hospitable and secure environment to actors and processing session paperwork to outstanding audio production, we accommodate all your ADR project needs



All studio spaces are integrated into a common virtual environment that allows recording sessions sharing among locations.  File transfer is easy thanks to our high-capacity internet connection and terabyte storage for a safe back-up on our thermo-controlled servers.

You can request a specific microphone or equipment for your project and record alongside us, or you can sit back and relax while we do the recording for you.




Remote session recording with high quality, or simply monitoring, are also available in every room through ISDN, Source Connect, Zoom, Skype, or phone patch.

Bring together talent, directors, and supervisors worldwide! We can provide creative control remotely or take the pressure of our audio production entirely.

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Below is a list of selected celebrity and local actors that we have recorded for ADR projects

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