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Graffiti Studio is one of the most remarkable industry success stories. Started as a small recording facility three decades ago, we have grown into a true expansion ally to some of the largest companies in the world.

/ Our Story

Proud of the company we keep

Turning culture and language barriers into bridges by retelling your stories in another language

We are artists, production, and linguistic professionals with a true passion for media and languages. That fuels the dedication with which we nurture every project to let you stay focused on your content. We translate, therefore we care.

/ Our Journey

How we got here

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Graffiti Studio is founded as the first private recording studio in Bulgaria. All it took was a guy with a dream and a living room. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Music legacy

By the mid-fist decade of the 21st century, Graffiti Studio is recognized as the leading recording studio in the country. Hundreds of bands from each corner of the rock scene recorded legendary music at the studio that is still on the radio today.

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Graffiti Studio moved to Balkanton- the national premier facility for audio recording and production, and a historical landmark. Expanding into voice over, dubbing and subtitling services for media content.

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New facility

After almost a year of design and renovations, Graffiti Studio moved into its current facility. From the award-winning interior to the exceptional acoustic project design, we have set the stage for a world-class recording, audio production and subtitle development.

/ Our Culture

Vision and Mission

/ Vision

A world of tolerance and acceptance, built upon knowing and respecting other people's differences


/ Mission

To help organizations worldwide reach new audiences with media by crossing language and cultural barriers


/ Difference

What makes us different

While other companies focus on their presence, we focus on your audience

While others work on better mousetraps, we work on a better-tasting cheese.

Our purpose is to convey the authentic experience with your content through another language. While working, we always keep in mind that someone, somewhere will listen to or watch your media, and though our Clients are companies, we never forget that our viewers are people.

/ Our Values

Our core values

/ Experience

We always strive to deliver a superior customer and viewer experience, not to sell a service

/ Growth

We grow both professionally and personally by challenging the status-quo and embracing change

/ Empathy

We respect differences in people and opinions, care about our community and environment

/ Fun

We are mindful to enjoy the journey and have fun

/ Social Responsibility

We care about society



The biggest local Christmas Gift-giving Campaign that makes the wishes of disadvantaged children come true.

For many years we provide support to the organization by ensuring storage space at our office where Christmas gifts for children are stored, labeled, and dispatched.



An inspiring NGO campaign of the city municipality and local enthusiasts for planting a new forest outside Sofia, and making the capital of Bulgaria a greener, nicer city.

We are proud contributors to the initiative and together with our colleagues we have planted over 400 trees!



A noble campaign that donates infant incubators, medical equipment, and specialized children’s ambulances to hospitals across Bulgaria by collecting and recycling disposal plastic caps and metal cans.

We collect our office trash separately and donate bottle caps to help the campaign and local children in need.

/ Our Team

Meet the people

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Our employees are the force that drives us forward. Their commitment and expertise are the key to our success.