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Voice Over

At Graffiti Studio, we provide voice-over for TV programs, feature films, animations, series, commercials, video games, audiobooks, messages on-hold IVR, documentaries, e-learning, YouTube, corporate, product, training, promos, trailers, PR and marketing videos with experienced, professional, native voice talents in all regional European languages.

Voice over

/ Voice Over

Immersive narration for your content

Storytelling that sparks the imagination of your foreign audience in their native language

Voice-over is the process of adding a voice in the background or over the original language dialogue. It is widely used for creating language versions of media forms where turnaround time and cost are essential for content success, such as TV series, audiobooks, podcasts, and radio commercials.

At Graffiti Studio, we retell your fascinating stories to engage the local audience in their native tongue while retaining the original language dialogue of your content.



Narrating your story in another language to fascinate a foreign audience, we give a local background voice to improve context and add a foreign language dialogue over the original for a more native viewer experience.

From transcription, translation, voice casting, recording, and dialogue editing, 2.0 and 5.1 mix to audio description and sound design, we cover all your voice-over needs.

Referred to as “UN-style”, voice-over allows your foreign audience to hear the original language and actors’ voices while improving understanding and viewer experience.

We add a foreign language by retaining the original feel. Our voice-over provides extensive context, without the need for visual access to the screen to follow the action.



Our QC department reviews all incoming and outgoing materials at every step of the process and validates performance within our workflow management system.

Special attention is paid that translations are proofread for grammar and spelling issues, the studio has the final version of the script for recording, reference materials, and glossaries of names, terms, etc. are followed.

We go the extra mile when it comes to delivering on our brand promise – to fascinate and engage your local audience in their native language with your content.

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