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We help streaming platforms, TV programs, and film companies reach CEE audiences in their native tongue from the big screen to the small. The journey of your content to your local viewers starts here.

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Take your content to a new place

Empower your local public to experience its facinating story in their native language

There’s a growing local appetite for global entertainment, which provides incredible opportunities! Your audience today could be anywhere. But does your media content speak their language? Viewers demand the best, and so should you.

Unlock the local potential of your entertainment media to deliver growth and improve engagement! We provide language versions of your content that are always authentic and true to the original.



OTT services like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV, and YouTube have transformed the way we consume content and enjoy digital entertainment.

Adapting to the local market has made all the difference. While our experience providing multilingual dubbing and subtitling to all these services is incomparable for CEE.



Linear media entertainment has remained at the heart of the global audience for decades, today providing a more passive way to experience audiovisual content.

Being passionate viewers ourselves, we strive to deliver local dubbing and subtitling that blends with the original. As the best language version is the one you never notice.

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