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Whether it's for an online course, staff training modules, corporate podcasts, or educational apps, we enhance your training material by building trust, authority, and rapport in your target language.

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Engage your trainees

Stand out by crafting a compelling learning experience in another language

Today, especially after the pandemic, e-learning is increasingly used both as an alternative and a supplement teaching method. Organizations employ it as a tool to increase information transparency, improve comprehension, and build new capabilities for their trainees.

With our extensive competencies in e-learning localization, we understand your needs and lead you every step of the way, from script adaptation to final delivery.



Educational e-learning is commonly performed by illustrative YouTube videos, podcasts, audiobooks, university video courses, and as an aid for the disabled.

We provide voice-over and captions in your requested languages that improve teaching material accessibility and provide additional context to facilitate learning.



E-learning for businesses usually comes in the form of user manuals, product and explainer videos, internal training courses, how-to/ tutorials, and presentations.

We provide voice-over and subtitles in your target languages that retain the attention of your trainees, employ more of their senses and enhance building skills.

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