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At Graffiti Studio, we provide subtitling and captioning for animation and live-action television programs, feature films, documentaries and TV series, video tours and tutorials, social media videos for Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube channels, e-learning, product, corporate, PR, how-to, instructional, training, PR and advertising videos with experienced, professional, native audiovisual translators, linguists, subtitlers and subtitling specialists in all regional European languages.


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Subtitling is the process of generating and displaying a timed text version of the on-screen dialogue. It is widely used for creating language versions of media forms where retaining the original voices is essential for content success, such as TV series, films, and YouTube videos.

With shrinking release windows, the pressure for distributing your content faster is like never before. At Graffiti Studio, we accept the challenge and our teams are here to take the strain.



Translating audiovisual content while retaining original language audio, we subtitle your media to keep the authentic voices and ensure that your dialogue is loud and clear – even when the sound is turned down.

From subtitle and metadata translation, subtitle conform, cueing, spotting, translator, and contract management to quality assurance, we cover all your subtitling needs.

Subtitles require visual access and watching the screen. They facilitate learning a foreign language and provide video comprehension in public or noisy environments.

We craft foreign language subtitles for hearing viewers that are compliant with all linguistic and technical standards but are, above all, always a pleasure to read.



Our QC department utilizes tools, centralized glossaries, and assistive technologies to validate every single file and ensure compliance with the provided specifications.

Special attention is paid to synchronization, reading speed, consistency, and conveying passion, emotions, and humor as an additional layer of quality assurance.

We deliver a seamless viewer experience in a foreign language – faster, cheaper, and better than ever before, with subtitles that your viewers read without noticing.

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