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At Graffiti Studio, we provide dubbing for TV channels, animation, live-action films, series, documentaries, promos, trailers, TV and radio commercials, video games, audiobooks, interactive, PR, e-learning, YouTube, corporate, product, instructional, and marketing videos with professional, native dubbing actors in all regional European languages.

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True to your original content

Perfectly pairing local language actors to original characters for complete authenticity

Dubbing is the process of replacing original dialogue audio track with a new one in another language. It is widely used for creating language versions of media forms where accuracy and believability are essential for content success, such as films, animations, video games, and commercials.

At Graffiti Studio, we bring your script to life to fascinate and engage your local audience, while retaining the authentic experience with your content in another language.



Replacing the original audio to craft language versions of your content, we match the authentic feel and the lip movements of the on-screen characters with a perfectly synchronized dialogue in another language.

From script translation, local voice actor casting, lip-sync recording with native dubbing directors, editing, 2.0 and 5.1 audio mix, we cover all your language dubbing needs.

With a background in music production, Graffiti Studio is superior in recording songs and ditties for preschool and kids’ entertainment content, or for commercial jingles.

We replace the language by retaining the creative intent. Our dubbing feels natural, conveys the authentic viewer experience, and goes unnoticed by the local audience.



Our QC department validates all media assets at every step of the process within our workflow management system – prior to starting work and before final delivery.

Special attention is paid that the local voices match the original cast and translated scripts, recording, editing, and audio mix are synched to the tiniest lip movement.

We go above and beyond to search for the right words and comply with our core value – to deliver a superior viewer experience in another language, not sell a service.




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