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Fascinate your players by creating a truly immersive gaming experience! Whether the genre is action, racing, simulation, sport, mobile, or other, we engage them in their native tongue, therefore on an emotional level.

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Set a next level gaming experience

Keep your players on the edge of their seats with a localization game plan

What once began as a niche industry, has now become one of the largest in the entertainment sector. As gaming expands to a global market, video game localization has become increasingly important. And while your title might be already globally available, it might not yet be globally ready.

Create an “out of this world” gaming experience with your authentic characters in another language! You don’t need extra lives. We nail it from the first strike.



Text is the building block of the video game story, the personality of its characters, and its unique universe. Thus, it is to be handled with greatest care, and respect.

We translate and creatively adapt text assets that appear in the video game to craft a native, more augmented feel.

Our approach to game translation retains the creative intent of the script to convey the original feel and match the authentic gaming experience in another language.



Does your game need the voice of a wizard, a dwarf, a princess, or a frog? Or how would your protagonist speak dying hit by a car versus being stabbed in the heart?

We retell your video game story with true to the original, consistent voices that portray the personalities of the authentic characters in your target language.

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