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Ukrainian dubbing

Lip-sync dubbing services for TV series, theatrical, movies, films, songs, cartoons, animations, promos, trailers, documentaries, commercials, video games, explainer, instructional, training, e-learning, tour, tutorial, marketing, PR, corporate, product and YouTube videos in Ukrainian. Recording with professional native speaking male and female dubbing actors and dubbing directors in a state-of-art Ukrainian dubbing studio. Contact us now and get your video content closer to the local audience!


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Ukrainian dubbing services

Facinate and engage your Ukrainian viewers while retaining the authentic content experience

Let’s craft a Ukrainian language version of your videos to charm, and delight the Ukrainian audience! Its accuracy and believability will bring your script to life by perfectly pairing professional Ukrainian dubbing artists and voice acting with your creative media for complete authenticity.

At Graffiti Studio, we stay true to the original by matching the authentic feel and the natural lip movements of the on-screen characters with a perfectly synchronized dialogue in Ukrainian.



Graffiti Studio is a dubbing house providing Ukrainian dubbing for TV programs, FAST channels, streaming platforms, content distributors, film and video game, companies, ad agencies, IPTV, VoD, and OTT services.

We help global content license holders and providers cross language and cultural barriers to reach and build strong relationships with the Ukrainian audience.

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From an exceptional acoustic environment and state-of-the-art equipment to unmatched sound engineering expertise, we are here to exceed your expectations.

Professional Ukrainian dubbing directors are also available to supervise the dialogue recording process.

Whether you need Ukrainian lip-sync dubbing, editing, 2.0 or 5.1 audio mix, we can accommodate your needs.

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We provide Ukrainian dubbing actors of various ages, voice characteristics, and content genre experience.

Whether you need Ukrainian male dubbing actors, female dubbing actresses, or kid dubbing talents, our extensive voice library database provides voice artist demos and dubbing samples for free casting purposes.

In case you need to go beyond our voice bank and require recording a custom script or a live audition, we can schedule casting sessions at an additional charge.

Both union and non-union Ukrainian dubbing actors are available, depending on membership requirements.

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Our rates for long-form content Ukrainian dubbing are all-inclusive and estimated per minute of video length. Default pricing quotes include translation, recording, editing, audio mix, and QA for lip sync, along with casting, Ukrainian actor, and dubbing director compensation.

Ukrainian dubbing rates for animation ditties, opening and closing songs are subject to individual estimation.

Our Ukrainian dubbing prices consider factors like deadline, volume, complexity, language pairs, subject matter, provided video quality, specifications, and more.

Due to economies of scale, use of technology, and great partner relationships with local dubbing professionals, we are able to provide you with very competitive rates for a Ukrainian lip sync dub at no compromise with quality.




Dubbing in Ukraine is a crucial element in shaping the local audiovisual landscape, providing audiences with an immersive and culturally resonant connection to international films, TV shows, and documentaries. The meticulous process involves replacing original foreign-language dialogues with Ukrainian voiceovers, not only for linguistic accuracy but also to infuse the content with cultural nuances that resonate authentically with local viewers. Skilled dubbing professionals play a pivotal role in capturing the essence of each narrative, making characters relatable within the Ukrainian context. Ukraine, with its rich historical and cultural background, recognizes dubbing as a dynamic tool fostering cross-cultural understanding and offering a unique lens through which to engage with global narratives. As a nation at the crossroads of various cultural influences, Ukraine likely embraces innovative dubbing practices, staying at the forefront of evolving industry standards to deliver high-quality dubbed content. The demand for expertly crafted voiceovers reflects an increasingly global perspective among Ukrainian audiences, showcasing a desire for a diverse and inclusive viewing experience. Dubbing in Ukraine transcends mere translation; it acts as a cultural interpreter, embodying the nation’s openness to a rich mosaic of stories from around the world.

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