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Disney + | Streaming platform

The Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney, is an American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate that is headquartered at the Walt Disney Studios complex in Burbank, California.

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TV series & films closed captioning

Localization method: Text

Provided services: Subtitle translation by EMT | QC



Disney+ set its sights on Central and Eastern Europe, a diverse and linguistically rich market, with a staggering challenge. They needed over 10,000 hours of video content, including TV series and films, subtitled in 20+ languages within a year. The task at hand was not just immense but also complex. Managing hundreds of audiovisual translators and navigating various content ingestion and subtitle delivery platforms posed a significant challenge.



Graffiti Studio stepped up to the plate with a comprehensive solution. They understood that technology would be the linchpin in achieving this colossal undertaking. The studio scaled up its technological infrastructure to streamline the subtitling process. They integrated advanced content management systems and collaboration platforms to ensure efficient communication among translators, quality control teams, and project managers. A dedicated team of project managers was assigned to oversee the massive project, ensuring that content was consistently delivered to high-quality standards.

Graffiti Studio’s proactive approach included staying ahead of delivery deadlines by employing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms for automatic transcription and initial subtitle generation. These AI-powered tools significantly reduced the time required for manual transcription and allowed the team to focus on quality assurance and adaptation.



The results of Graffiti Studio’s efforts were remarkable. Disney+ successfully launched in Central and Eastern Europe with an extensive library of content subtitled in local languages. This comprehensive localization gave Disney+ a significant competitive advantage over other streaming platforms in the region. The ability to deliver a vast array of content in the native language of the audience enhanced the user experience and drove subscriber growth.

Graffiti Studio’s efficient project management, combined with technological innovation, allowed them to not only meet but surpass the challenging goals set by Disney+. This case study underscores Graffiti Studio’s expertise in handling large-scale, time-sensitive subtitling projects, showcasing their commitment to delivering superior digital entertainment and content in local languages for a global audience.

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