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TLC is an American cable television channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. First established in 1980 as The Learning Channel, it initially focused on educational and instructional programming.

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Localization method: Audio

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Graffiti Studio was entrusted with a massive voice-over project to localize 740 program hours for the launch of a TLC program in Bulgaria. The challenge was not only the sheer volume of content but also the tight deadline of just 4 months for complete localization. Ensuring high-quality voice overs and maintaining the essence of the original content in the Bulgarian language was paramount.



To address this formidable task, Graffiti Studio devised a strategic solution. The studio implemented a round-the-clock operation with three shifts of dedicated professionals. This involved a meticulously coordinated effort from voice artists, translators, sound engineers, and project managers. A large pool of talented voice actors and linguists was meticulously selected to ensure a diverse and well-suited cast for the varied content.

Each shift focused on different aspects of the project – one dedicated to voice recording, another to script translation and adaptation, and the third for audio post-production, synchronization, and quality control. State-of-the-art recording and editing equipment ensured that the quality of the voiceovers was consistently high.



Graffiti Studio’s relentless effort paid off, and the TLC program launched in Bulgaria exactly as planned. The four-month deadline was met, and all 740 program hours were fully localized in the Bulgarian language. The voice-over work was not just a simple translation but a meticulous adaptation that captured the essence of the original content, making it relatable and engaging for the Bulgarian audience. The program launch was a success, and it resonated well with the local viewers, thanks to the careful localization that preserved the TLC brand’s spirit while making it accessible to the Bulgarian audience. This project showcased Graffiti Studio’s expertise and commitment in handling large-scale, time-sensitive voice-over localization projects, establishing them as a reliable partner for similar endeavors in the future.

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