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The Monuments Men | TV series

An unlikely World War II platoon is sent to Germany in order to rescue creative masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their legal owners.

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ADR recording

Replacing the original dialogue

Provided services: Recording | ISDN monitoring



With the actor Zahari Baharov incapacitated due to a broken leg, the ADR recording project for The Monuments Men faced a significant challenge. The logistical nightmare of rescheduling compounded by the involvement of two additional studios, connected via ISDN, including George Clooney’s in Milan, added an extra layer of complexity to the situation.



Graffiti Studio’s team quickly mobilized to find a solution. Recognizing the importance of keeping the project on schedule, we organized transportation to pick up the injured actor and bring him to the studio for the recording. This decision not only showcased our commitment but also averted the need for rescheduling, which could jeopardize the post-production timeline.



The ADR recording session for The Monuments Men unfolded seamlessly, despite the initial setback. Graffiti Studio’s quick thinking and proactive approach ensured that the actor was present for the session, the collaboration with George Clooney’s studio in Milan proceeded without a hitch, and the recording session concluded successfully.

Graffiti Studio’s ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges and orchestrate a complex recording session under such circumstances exemplifies our commitment to delivering. The successful completion of The Monuments Men ADR project not only demonstrated our logistical prowess but also reinforced our reputation for professionalism in the face of uncertainty.

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